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My Kind of Yoga™ Guernsey is an intentional movement system for a simple, no-fluff and straightforward approach to yoga
Classes are designed to cater for all levels and abilities.
People often think that yoga is only for ‘bendy people’ - nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you are not very flexible, all the more reason to do yoga!

The My Kind of Yoga™ philosophy is that yoga should be available to everyone. Options are always available and no-one is expected to get into advanced poses (unless they want to!) or tie themselves in knots - it’s all about connecting with your body and using movement and breath to ease out tension. Our manifesto states, “It’s about the feel and not the shape” - I want you to leave feeling calm, relaxed and good about yourself.

Every class has an intention, which changes every month. This gives us time to embed the practice before developing it further, which helps us to learn more about our bodies and our true selves.

Each class is also based around the elements. We begin with Earth - centering and calming the breath, then Water, where we start gently warming through the spine using gentle stretches and flowing sun salutations, before moving to Fire - the intention, or theme of the practice,  - using flowing moves. Air takes us back to focusing on the breath with some floorwork and we finish with Space, the relaxation which gives you time to re-centre, come back to your breath and allow your practice to land in your body.

For details on all my yoga classes please click the link below.


For more information, visit My Kind of Yoga Guernsey on Facebook 

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