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Ebb & Flow Qigong

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Hi! I’m Steph from Ebb and Flow Qigong.

I live on the beautiful island of Guernsey, with its undulating coastline and tranquil sandy beaches. Not surprisingly, wellness is a huge priority, both for me and my fellow islanders.

I have taught in the fitness industry for over 29 years and have always been interested in the Mind/Body aspect of fitness training. And now I also promote the benefits of Qigong to my fellow swimmers where classes are held outdoors on some of the island’s bays, weather permitting.

I chose to study at the UK College of Qigong after watching my Yoga teacher’s summit with Fitness Industry leaders. I was drawn to Anita’s integrity and down to earth manner. The course I signed up for was accessible online – a big bonus when it costs so much to get off my island rock! What I loved about my training was the honest, careful guidance of the teacher and the way the exercises were built up layer by layer to incorporate the physical, breathwork and visualisation.

I teach an increasingly ageing population and can see how this low impact exercise system will benefit my fellow islanders. Sometimes in our lives, waters can be murky, turbulent and we can feel lost at sea. Through my Qigong classes I can show people how to reset their compass, confident in the knowledge that the seas will calm and the tide will turn in their favour again. Such is the ebb and flow of life!

Qigong courses and workshops

We all get those times when life can seem overwhelmingly cloudy and grey, particularly during the long winter months. If that's you right now, my beginner's Qigong courses, incorporating gentle movement with breathwork and visualisation, could be just the energy boost you need to bring that light back to your horizon and clear those overcast skies!

Courses have finished for 2022, but more are planned for 2023.

Please message me if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you!


(Please note that Qigong for Health is not suitable for pregnancy and certain medical conditions)

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